Nimfa FruityMama: Fruity Gourmet – High Energy Recipe Book (angol nyelvű)

If You feel stuck or need ideas and simple and delicious recipes, here is a collection of our favorite recipes after 3 years being a Raw Fruity Family.

In this book I share my love of Fruit, Healthy Raw recipes from our everyday life.

Low-fat, No-Salt, No-Oil with careful attention to Fruit Combining🍓🍍

They are easy-to-make, family friendly recipes from our heart💛

Get the recipe book following these steps🌻🍉💛

1. Send 3.75€ through PayPal to rawfruityfamilies [at] gmail [dot] com
Add “FG, Your Name, E-mail Address” in the comment

2. You will get your download link from the e-mail we send you after processing your purchase

3. Follow the link in the email to proceed to downloading your copy of Fruity Gourmet

We process the delivery manually, so please be patient🌸☮️


More information about the family:

Author: Mariann Greguss

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